Energy Management
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Epsilon Dragon = Energy Management Solution

The Epsilon Dragon system is an energy monitoring system, that consists of Dragon hardware and software. This system uses Dragon hardware connected to various sensors that sends collected information through the Internet.

The information is archived, analyzed, and then provided to the user in the form, which they can utilize to improve efficiency and cut energy costs.

Our company has focused on power consumption patterns as a method of achieving precise equipment usage data, and developed a system which can be installed at low cost, and without modification to a plant environment.

Epsilon Dragon is a multi-purpose Energy Management Solution developed to enable monitoring and analysis of Energy related information for your entire company.

Dragon uses sensors and sophisticated communication devices to gather energy consumption data of each individual piece of equipment and enables you to view individual and comprehensive energy of your organization from anywhere in the world.

Tracking energy
means tracking activities.

Dragon is able to answer three types of needs for potential clients.
First, it will improve the management capabilities of facilities and factories. Visualization of energy usage will provide information vital in achieving a more precisely managed workforce and environment.
Second, It will directly reduce energy waste and show valuable consumption data needed to improve your energy reduction plan.
Lastly, Epsilon Dragon's energy management system creates a benchmark that measures and verifies all future energy management initiatives.

Epsilon Dragon is an Energy Management System designed to:

- Monitor and analyze energy consumption of each individual machinery and equipment.
- Provide valuable information in achieving optimized performance of your equipment and workforce
- Provides data necessary in determining the efficiency performance of your facility.

Epsilon Dragon is able to deliver:

- Visualization of energy usage
- Optimized facility output with minimum usage of energy and resources.
- A more environmentally friendly facility

Quick and easy installation. Customizable to meet various needs.
Epsilon Dragon reduces the installation cost of such systems by packaging all the required software and hardware elements in a single completed package. This also reduces installation time which also contributes to lower installation costs.

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